Classic bold multispoke with deep recessed centre. Designed for the Velar, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover.

The ISVR1 is Fusionforged™ for increased strength and reduced weight.




The ISVR1 in Detail

Flow form wheel manufactured using IW FusionForged™ and Motioncast™ technologies, designed to enhance modern Land Rover vehicles.

Size Con Weight Max LD RRP
22 X 9.5 PC TBC* 1025KG £498.75
23 X 9.5 PC TBC* 1025KG £623.75

Centre caps NOT included. Please use OEM centre cap. Recommend part No LR069899.

PC = Performance Concave
Land Rover - 5 x 120 / 5 x 108
2 years warranty and lifetime structural integrity guarantee, click here for further details.

Please contact IW or your nearest Authorised Dealer for fitment advice for your vehicle.
Please note prices shown include UK VAT at 20%

RegisterEd Design
The ISVR1 is a registered IW
design (reg no: TBC)



ISVR1 Colour Options

OEM Centre Caps

The ISVR1 has been designed specifically to use OEM centre caps



Combining Cutting Edge Technologies

MotionCast™ - The Pinnacle in casting technology

FFR wheels are initially cast using the IW Motioncast™ process, a superior form of casting that produces a denser alloy with less impurities and air pockets, allowing for a lighter and stronger wheel than traditional Low Pressure Cast wheels.

Low Pressure Cast Alloy

More impurities and air pockets within the alloy

IW Motioncast™

Less impurities and fewer air pockets within the alloy

IW Flow Form Technology

IW FusionForged™ utilises our state-of-the-art flow form technology. This process uses a special drum combined with heat and pressure applied by rollers that compress stretch and form the wheel barrel to a pre-defined thickness and desired profile.

This alters the structure of the aluminium forging a wheel barrel that is thinner, stronger and significantly lighter (approx 25%) than a traditional cast wheel, with enhanced strength and reduced weight properties comparable to fully forged wheels.

  • Fusionforged™ Step 1

    Each wheel is transferred from an oven to the flow forming drum. High pressure rollers move into position at the top of the wheel barrel.
  • Fusionforged™ Step 2

    The rollers move down the barrel applying pressure to compress, stretch and form the heated wheel barrel.
  • Fusionforged™ Step 3

    Flow forming alters the structure of the aluminium to produce a wheel barrel that is thinner, stronger and significantly lighter than traditional cast.


Concave Options

Two Concave Options Available

Performance Concave (PC)

Designed for maximum brake clearance suitable for larger brakes.

Concave Depth

22" - TBC
23" - TBC

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